API documentation (v1)

The base URL for all API operations is https://api.asra.com/. To try out operations that are authorization-required, you must authorize your client first (see "Authorize" button in header).

All of the API operation responses are structured the same way: It is a Result model that will contain a data model in its data field if the call was successful. Otherwise the Result model will contain a string array of errors describing the error/validation errors. The Result model is structured as follows:

  "data": { }, // populated if result.isSuccess is true
  "type": "Success"|"Error"|"ValidateFailed"|"AuthenticationRequired"|"AccessDenied",
  "isSuccess": true|false, // true if result.type is "Success"
  "errors": ["string"], // populated if result.isSuccess is false
  "message": "string"